Packages import macaron.v1

Path Synopsis Package session a middleware that provides the session management of Macaron. Package csrf is a middleware that generates and validates CSRF tokens for Macaron. Package i18n is a middleware that provides app Internationalization and Localization of Macaron. Package pongo2 is a middleware that provides pongo2 template engine for Macaron. Package cache is a middleware that provides the cache management of Macaron. Package binding is a middleware that provides request data binding and validation for Macaron. Package switcher is a helper module that provides host switch functionality for Macaron. Package captcha a middleware that provides captcha service for Macaron. Package bindata is a helper module that allows to use in-memory static and template files for Macaron. Go Walker is a server that generates Go projects API documentation on the fly. Package toolbox is a middleware that provides health check, pprof, profile and statistic services for Macaron. The sockets package implements a middleware for standard websocket handling in Martini using the RFC 6455 compliant gorilla implementation of the websocket protocol ( Package method is a middleware that implements HTTP method override for Macaron. Package oauth2 contains Macaron handlers to provide user login via an OAuth 2.0 backend. Orbiter is a tool for collecting and redistributing webhooks over the network. Switch is a server that provides versioning caching and delivering Go packages service. app example generated using Mercurius Package backend contains the backend code for meditations Package cmd used for include cli commands from main project file Package cmd Package context contain middleware what registre special Context for macaron framework Package v1 Gitea API. 语音菜单(menu)是OM的一种虚拟通话终端。 Package private includes all internal routes.

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