Path Synopsis
backoff Package backoff implement the backoff strategy for gRPC.
balancerload Package balancerload defines APIs to parse server loads in trailers.
binarylog Package binarylog implementation binary logging as defined in
cache Package cache implements caches to be used in gRPC.
channelz Package channelz defines APIs for enabling channelz service, entry registration/deletion, and accessing channelz data.
envconfig Package envconfig contains grpc settings configured by environment variables.
grpclog Package grpclog (internal) defines depth logging for grpc.
grpcrand Package grpcrand implements math/rand functions in a concurrent-safe way with a global random source, independent of math/rand's global source.
grpctest Package grpctest implements testing helpers.
leakcheck Package leakcheck contains functions to check leaked goroutines.
profiling Package profiling contains two logical components: buffer.go and profiling.go.
testutils Package testutils contains testing helpers.
transport Package transport defines and implements message oriented communication channel to complete various transactions (e.g., an RPC).

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