Path Synopsis
aetest Package aetest provides an API for running dev_appserver for use in tests.
blobstore Package blobstore provides a client for App Engine's persistent blob storage service.
capability Package capability exposes information about outages and scheduled downtime for specific API capabilities.
channel Package channel implements the server side of App Engine's Channel API.
cloudsql Package cloudsql exposes access to Google Cloud SQL databases.
datastore Package datastore provides a client for App Engine's datastore service.
delay Package delay provides a way to execute code outside the scope of a user request by using the taskqueue API.
file Package file provides helper functions for using Google Cloud Storage.
image Package image provides image services.
internal Package internal provides support for package appengine.
log Package log provides the means of writing and querying an application's logs from within an App Engine application.
mail Package mail provides the means of sending email from an App Engine application.
memcache Package memcache provides a client for App Engine's distributed in-memory key-value store for small chunks of arbitrary data.
module Package module provides functions for interacting with modules.
remote_api Package remote_api implements the /_ah/remote_api endpoint.
runtime Package runtime exposes information about the resource usage of the application.
search Package search provides a client for App Engine's search service.
socket Package socket provides outbound network sockets.
taskqueue Package taskqueue provides a client for App Engine's taskqueue service.
urlfetch Package urlfetch provides an http.RoundTripper implementation for fetching URLs via App Engine's urlfetch service.
xmpp Package xmpp provides the means to send and receive instant messages to and from users of XMPP-compatible services.

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