Path Synopsis
catmsg Package catmsg contains support types for package x/text/message/catalog.
cldrtree Package cldrtree builds and generates a CLDR index file, including all inheritance.
colltab Package colltab contains functionality related to collation tables.
format Package format contains types for defining language-specific formatting of values.
gen Package gen contains common code for the various code generation tools in the text repository.
number Package number contains tools and data for formatting numbers.
stringset Package stringset provides a way to represent a collection of strings compactly.
tag Package tag contains functionality handling tags and related data.
testtext Package testtext contains test data that is of common use to the text repository.
triegen Package triegen implements a code generator for a trie for associating unsigned integer values with UTF-8 encoded runes.
ucd Package ucd provides a parser for Unicode Character Database files, the format of which is defined in
utf8internal Package utf8internal contains low-level utf8-related constants, tables, etc.

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