Path Synopsis
benchmark Package benchmark implements the building blocks to setup end-to-end gRPC benchmarks.
codes Package codes defines the canonical error codes used by gRPC.
credentials Package credentials implements various credentials supported by gRPC library, which encapsulate all the state needed by a client to authenticate with a server and make various assertions, e.g., about the client's identity, role, or whether it is authorize
grpclog Package grpclog defines logging for grpc.
health Package health provides some utility functions to health-check a server.
internal Package internal contains gRPC-internal code for testing, to avoid polluting the godoc of the top-level grpc package.
keepalive Package keepalive defines configurable parameters for point-to-point healthcheck.
metadata Package metadata define the structure of the metadata supported by gRPC library.
naming Package naming defines the naming API and related data structures for gRPC.
peer Package peer defines various peer information associated with RPCs and corresponding utils.
reflection Package reflection implements server reflection service.
stats Package stats is for collecting and reporting various network and RPC stats.
status Package status implements errors returned by gRPC.
tap Package tap defines the function handles which are executed on the transport layer of gRPC-Go and related information.
transport Package transport defines and implements message oriented communication channel to complete various transactions (e.g., an RPC).

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