Packages imported by testing

Path Synopsis
bytes Package bytes implements functions for the manipulation of byte slices.
fmt Package fmt implements formatted I/O with functions analogous to C's printf and scanf. Package gomock is a mock framework for Go. Package jsonschema adds juju-specific metadata to jsonschema. Package cloud provides functionality to parse information describing clouds, including regions, supported auth types etc. The tools package supports locating, parsing, and filtering Ubuntu tools metadata in simplestreams format. Package storage defines structures and functions relating to charm storage. MACHINE GENERATED BY Package version contains versioning information for juju. series provides helpers for determining the series of a host, and translating from os to series. Package ssh contains utilities for dealing with SSH connections, key management, and so on. Package version implements version parsing. Package check is a rich testing extension for Go's testing package.
io Package io provides basic interfaces to I/O primitives.
io/ioutil Package ioutil implements some I/O utility functions.
os Package os provides a platform-independent interface to operating system functionality.
path/filepath Package filepath implements utility routines for manipulating filename paths in a way compatible with the target operating system-defined file paths.
reflect Package reflect implements run-time reflection, allowing a program to manipulate objects with arbitrary types.
strings Package strings implements simple functions to manipulate UTF-8 encoded strings.

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