Packages imported by gui

Path Synopsis
archive/tar Package tar implements access to tar archives.
compress/bzip2 Package bzip2 implements bzip2 decompression.
encoding/json Package json implements encoding and decoding of JSON as defined in RFC 7159.
fmt Package fmt implements formatted I/O with functions analogous to C's printf and scanf. Package errors provides an easy way to annotate errors without losing the original error context. The simplestreams package supports locating, parsing, and filtering metadata in simplestreams format. Package version implements version parsing.
io Package io provides basic interfaces to I/O primitives.
io/ioutil Package ioutil implements some I/O utility functions.
path/filepath Package filepath implements utility routines for manipulating filename paths in a way compatible with the target operating system-defined file paths.
regexp Package regexp implements regular expression search.
sort Package sort provides primitives for sorting slices and user-defined collections.
strings Package strings implements simple functions to manipulate UTF-8 encoded strings.

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