Packages import caas

Path Synopsis Package application contains api calls for functionality related to deploying and managing applications and their related charms. Package uniter implements the API interface used by the uniter worker. agent contains jujud's machine agent. Package modelmanager defines an API end point for functions dealing with models. Package stateenvirons provides types and functions that interface the state and environs packages. This package defines the API facade for use by the migration master worker when interacting with the target controller during a migration. Package storage provides an API server facade for managing storage entities. Package provisioner supplies the API facade used by the provisioner worker. The controller package groups various commands that are based on talking directly to the controller, and not environments in the controller. Package context contains the ContextFactory and Context definitions. Package meterstatus provides a worker that executes the meter-status-changed hook periodically. Package collect provides a worker that executes the collect-metrics hook periodically, as long as the workload has been started (between start and stop hooks). Package state enables reading, observing, and changing the state stored in MongoDB of a whole model managed by juju.

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